Help I’m not Doug Fields!

You’ve probably have seen those self-help youth ministry books aimed at leaders starting a new role such as Small group leader or Jr. High worker.

I’ve always wanting to see one entitled Help! I’m not Doug Fields.


I really like Doug and he has inspired and challenged me on many occasions. But I often wonder what youth leaders think after they attend one of his conferences, hear him speak, or read one of his new books.

After all, he is at a mega church, probably has a bunch of paid youth workers, is a great communicator and teacher, and well…just has that cool youth pastor look (especially for a guy in his 40’s)

So, what if you are not funny, don’t really fit into that youth pastor culture, love the Bible but have a hard time communicating it effectively to ADHD teens, and happen to work for a small church with a nonexistent youth budget?¬† If you can’ be the next Doug Fields, then can you succeed in youth ministry?

The question is now out there…and so it hangs in the air as you ponder.

I say a resounding YES!

You may never have or be all the things that someone like Doug is and represents to youth ministry (or anyone else you might know and envy in the field) and be honest…we all envy at times.

But perhaps the real funny youth pastors have a difficult time empathizing with struggling teens.

Or perhaps the ones who can do amazing skits or speak to thousands of teens finds talking to them one on one uncomfortable and extremely challenging.

God made you unique as well as the teens you minister. They need and want you…not Doug or anyone else.

God has placed you in their lives for a reason, and with God’s help and strength each day, you can and will effectively use your unique passions, talents, and gifts to equip them to love and serve Jesus.


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