Linus was right…lessons learned from a Charlie Brown Christmas

Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Keep the X in Xmas”, mocking the saying “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

During the past 1oo years or so, Christmas has developed more and more into a holiday of over abundance and less and less as the season to remember and reflect the birth of our Savior.

I fear that our society has lost the true meaning of Christmas long ago, and although we as Christians believe, I wonder how much of our lives reflect the culture more than the Christ. Our nation is more concerned about how to pay for Christmas, then how to reflect upon it and prepare for it!

How can we truly get Christ back into Christmas?

Each year I struggle with remaining focused on the true meaning and significance of Christmas. In the midst of the holiday chaos, when we can be so busy doing things for others, we often neglect the more important thing, being with the incarnate Christ…the Word of God made flesh…Jesus!


So, this Christmas, while we will still go to the malls, attend parties, travel to see family, write cards, bake cookies (or if you are like me, eat cookies!), let us spend time each day focusing on our Savior. Even during these seemingly mundane things, Christ is present. He desires to be fully present in your life no matter what…and that is one of the greatest presents we could ever receive!

As you listen to Christmas carols, focus on the truth and beauty of the words. As you buy and wrap gifts, remember the greatest gift ever given to humanity. As you visit family, reflect on what it means to be a part of God’s family. And as you enjoy meals together, be thankful that in Christ, God has made a way for communion, relationships, and fellowship with Him and others.

He came to bring peace, hope, reconciliation, and restoration to all of mankind. That is the good news (gospel) of Christmas and we certainly should rejoice, celebrate, and proclaim that to everyone!

So, let the good news of Jesus permeate your hearts and lives this Christmas season.

As you make room for Him in your lives, allow the true meaning and message of Christmas be on display in your life. Let your words, character, attitude and actions reflect Jesus’ teachings and mission. Let love, kindness, justice, compassion, generosity, and peace flow into and out of us this month.

And lastly, hold lightly onto your possessions so that they do not possess you. High tightly onto people, especially the least ones in whom we meet Christ now. Remember that we are not what we acquire or accomplish as much as what we have received from God.

“The deepest joys come not from the money we earn, the friends we surround ourselves with, or the results we achieve. Rather we are who God made us to be in His infinite love. We are the gifts we are given.”

– Advent Meditations from Henri Nouwen


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