Winter series…youth pastor development


After my brief hiatus and attempted plunge into the political heartbeat of our country, I am going to be posting 4-5 articles on youth pastor development.  Not which books to read and conferences to attend (although helpful), but some things I am learning and processing through in my journey as a youth pastor.

As my philosophy, approach, and style of youth ministry is changing, adapting, and emerging into something new, I want to share my experiences.  My thoughts, questions, and reflections may resonate with you, because I have the feeling that we are all on similar journeys.

The paths that lead us here are as distinct and different as our ending destinations shall be, but together we wrestle, struggle, hope, and pray for God’s guidance and direction for our lives and ministries.


Sometimes our careers and souls go through their winter seasons. But unless you live in that crazy part of Alaska…spring is always around the bend.

I look forward to sharing my stories with you, as here in New York we bunker down for another long and cold winter.

I would love feedback and comments you may have from your own experiences, and I look forward to the interaction we will have over these next few months.


One thought on “Winter series…youth pastor development

  1. Dan! It’s Marv. Looks like our blogs are on the Re Thinking Youth Ministry blog roll…that’s funny since we know each other! Anyways, I was reading you blog through today. You’ve got a ton of good stuff here and I will be checking it out most definitely again and again

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