How to connect with me

One of the great aspects of blogging for me has been the conversations and relationships built over these past few months. I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments and learning from each of you.  I love social connectivity, especially when it relates to ministry.  

Having said that, I would love to connect further with you.  You should be able to subscribe to this blog and get updated emails by clicking on the RSS button on the right end of the webs browser.        images-2

It may just look like an orange arrow.

Also, you to follow me on Twitter by clicking down below on the right column on the home pageimages-4

and you can find my on facebook by clicking on the my facebook profile picture.


If you are ever in the Northeast, shoot me an email and let’s get together.  

I will also be  doing some regional training for Enroute and possibly some writing for Barefoot Publishing this summer/fall. If you are anywhere near the metro NYC area, look for a one-day training event this fall and we would love to have you attend. 

bannersmall                                                             EnrouteLogo

I hope to stay connected with you all and wanted to thank you again for your support, friendship, encouragement, and inspiration as we journey together down this road called youth ministry.


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