Updates from the field

welcome to Newark

As many of you know by now, all of my writings are birthed in the trenches of youth ministry.

While I do tend to read when I can, most of what I have learned occurs from my daily interactions with students. This is my “field” of study and research, and what I experience I share and write about. I reflect and think after retreats, conferences, youth meetings, elder board sessions, etc..

I am currently on a 7 day service project in Newark, NJ with 2 other youth groups from my area. I am close friends with the two other youth pastors (which is a rare thing here in NY). In total, we brought down 50 students from Westchester county to serve and bless the inner city down here in NJ. I will share in great depth and detail my thoughts later on.

If you are interested in checking out some of my students updates and pics from our week, go to

BCC Youth-Newark trip updates


Our prayer is to have God’s eyes and heart for these people and this city and to partner with him to bring restoration, healing, renewal, and hope to those without it.

We are partnering with World Impact and two of their urban bases here in Newark.

World Impact

world impact


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