5 Dollar Training



This fall (Saturday October 3), BCC has the honor of hosting Barefoot Ministries  $5.00 youth leader training. We are one of 8 host churches in the nation and will be representing the greater NYC metro area and the North East. For more information, check out the link below.  

5 dollar training

Here is a letter from Matt Wilks and Chris Folmsbee, two of the trainers for the day and now on staff with Barefoot Ministries.



Since its beginning in 2001, Barefoot Ministries has worked to serve churches around the world by publishing resources that help guide students into spiritual formation for the mission of God.  In addition to publishing resources for youth workers, Barefoot will be providing youth ministry training that will strengthen this core focus.

Beginning this fall, we will be in 12 cities in North America – 4 in Canada and 8 in the US.  Along side our friends at each location we’ll be hosting one-day of youth ministry training comprised of 3 separate seminars for only $5 per person. 


This year our seminars will specifically relate to: 

   * The spiritual formation of adolescents
   * Dynamics of healthy ministry teams

   * Collaborating with parents for an even more effective youth ministry

The training is designed to challenge you, equip you and inspire you for another year of ministry with youth and their families.  

Not only will you experience the training for only $5.  We’ll also give it to you FREE on a flash drive when you join us at one of the 12 locations –the handouts, the power point slides, the leaders guides – everything we use during our training seminars.  We want you to have the training at your fingertips for use in your own local ministry setting.   We don’t want the cost of training to be the thing to deter your ministry teams from being equipped for the challenges facing us as Sunday school teachers, mentors, small group leaders, mission trip leaders and volunteers.

We want to invite you to go to http://www.5dollartraining.com  to sign up to be notified of the site launch and to  receive information about our training experience dates and locations, registration and costs.   -Matt and Chris



I believe this will be a great way for youth leaders and volunteers from our area to connect, learn, network, and share with one another as we discuss the challenges, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for youth ministry in our context.  If you are in the area, we would love to have to come and join us and partner together to help change the face and future of youth ministry here in the Northeast.  I encourage you to look for this training in your region.  If there is not one, then contact Barefoot to see about possibly hosting one in the near future.           


Here is a sample of what the day will look like as well as the themes and topics discussed. 


Topics —


Discipleship:            Shaping Students for the Mission of God.

The mission of God is an opportunity for students to learn how they contribute to God’s unfolding story here on earth.  This seminar will look at what the mission of God is and how we can teach students to move into it.


Leadership 101:  10 essentials for developing healthy teams

It is critically important that we learn what it means to function in healthy teams as leaders.  God has called us to be contributors and use our passions and gifts to contribute to something that is greater than ourselves.  Learn what the 10 essentials are for developing healthy teams that accomplish more than what we can do by ourselves.


Engaging Parents:  Keys to Helping Students Develop an Authentic Faith 

Parents can be one of the most consistent influences in an adolescent’s life.  This seminar will look at how we can involve and encourage parents toward developing a real and authentic faith in the lives of their children.  This seminar will look at the critical journey of faith, the three roles of a parent and what we can do to move a student towards a dynamic faith.


 Trainers – Chris Folsmbee and Matt Wilks will be appearing in each city


Schedule –


9:00 am –                         Registration


9:30 to 10:30 am –            Discipleship:            Shaping Students for the Mission of God


10:30 to 11:00 am –            Break


11:00 to 12:00 pm –            Leadership 101:  10 essentials for developing healthy teams


12:00 to 1:00 pm –            Lunch off site and on your own


1:00 to 1:30 pm –            Q&A with the trainers


1:30 to 2:30/3:00 pm –            Engaging Parents:  Keys to Helping Students Develop an Authentic Faith


Cost is: $5 per person

It includes:

– Jump Drive with all the files, powerpoint, notes that we used for those three sessions

– Training manual to be downloaded when you register

– Barefoot Ministries products




Naturally, I am plugging this one-day training event because I believe in its purpose and potential, but what I really want to encourage is for youth leaders to gather together for any kind of training, fellowship, and networking available to you.


 I personally find myself continually encouraged, inspired, and blessed after meeting with fellow youth workers (especially those in my local area who can truly relate to my context and students).  I realize that these huge national conventions are appealing and attractive.  Who doesn’t like to worship to Crowder and listen to Doug Fields!

But I have found over the years to get more practical and relevant information and ideas from youth workers doing what I am doing in the same area I am serving.


 They are the ones who truly understand the struggles and challenges of our demographics and and dreams of our particular are.

 Let’s face it, youth ministry in Texas is going to look very different than in Michigan.  Students in CA are not the same as in NY (although there are many similarities between the two coasts).  Youth ministry needs to be down contextually and what better way to be trained then in a local context with local youth pastors and volunteers.

5 dollar training attempts to do just that.  If you happen to host or attend one this fall, please let me know and post your thoughts and experiences.






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