HAITI relief and rescue mission


I just returned from Port au Prince, Haiti late Monday from a week of service.  We partnered with an amazing organization called Jesus in Haiti Ministries.

Jesus in Haiti

As you all know by now, yesterday a massive earthquake devastated the area.  Early estimates are that over 3 million people are affected and the death toll is rising by the minute as the day begins.  Our friends down there are doing all they can to find people and bring food.

Haiti’s infrastructure is poorly constructed and there were already limited roads to get around on.  With this new damage, getting around the area to help and bring supplies is virtually impossible by vehicle.  Helicopters are needed and unfortunately the country’s military and government does not have any.  The UN is there and have a few, but their main building has collapsed.  They are searching for over 300 missing UN personal.  There are so many places to search and help, as many helicopters as possible are needed for days to come.

The relief organization I am a part of is called Air Calvary.  Back when Haiti was struck with the 4 massive tropical storms, we were able to be the first relief from the air on the ground in the area of Gonaïves, Haiti.  We were able to go where most relief aids were not.

Air Calvary was able to bring food, water, and medicine into the area, and bring the sick out.   We are hoping to do the same now.

We have an opportunity to bring a 8 passenger helicopter into Port au Prince today and can operarate for as long as funds are there.  Since we are a small organization, run and operated by a few local people here in NY and with some partners in Haiti and DR, funds are limited.

I know that many relief organizations are also trying to help, but we feel that we have one of the best chances to actually save lives if we act now.

If you would like more information on how you can help and possibly support this rescue and relief operation, please go to the website.  Once again, your prayers and support for Haiti would be deeply appreciated.

Air Calvary


Air Calvary is the culmination of mission aviation work begun in 2001 by helicopter pilot, Brock Barrett. To date,
Air Calvary has conducted air-mobile operations in Gabon, Haiti and Honduras.


Air Calvary coordinates flights with the help of local operators and aircraft in destination countries to carry out our mission. We also partner with other aviation ministries. In Gabon, Central Africa, Air Calvary owns and operates a Cessna 207.


Air Calvary is a dynamic network of Christian professionals and laypersons, a community of volunteers supporting mission projects internationally.


Air Calvary was incorporated by Brock Barrett, Lorrie Barrett and Philip Smith, PhD, in Se
ptember 2004, and registered as a New York State charity in March 2005. Federal tax exemption status was granted in August 2005.


2 thoughts on “HAITI relief and rescue mission

  1. Hello,

    I am based in the U.S. Virgin Islands and may have access to 1 (possibly 2) Bell 206L Helicopters that may be able to assist in Haiti. I am in the very early stages of exploring this. Please advise who our pilots would report to in Haiti (command and control), where they would be stationed, fuel considerations and security. Also please advise if there would be a qualified Bell 206 mechanic on station.

    I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but if you can help me with these questions, I stand a much better chance of getting needed commitments to execute this support.

  2. Get me there, I will help.
    900 hrs PIC /10 years CFI
    BSA/ Teamster/ Life saver

    US military is acting as ATC at airport. USMC is in charge of security at the airport. I am sure that if you use the previous vhf frequency, they will chime in. Look up US State Dept. on the net, they should be able to fill you in.
    Let me know asap,

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