“God is Loud” book project

This week, Chris Folmsbee announced on his blog about my involvement in the God is Loud project.  To read his post, click here:

God is Loud announcement

*I would also recommend reading his two other posts on his site about this project (“Lets write a book together” parts 1 & 2)

A New Kind of Youth Ministry

I want to first thank Chris for this opportunity, as well as his support and friendship over the years.  This is truly his vision and idea, and I am glad to share his passion for it and be able to work alongside him and hopefully many of you.

I have provided some thoughts about this project and how you can be involved.  Please stay posted to this blog for updates and to leave comments as well.

Our vision for this book is to provide an inspirational, thought-provoking, and transformational book for students. This book is intended for your students…for my students.

In my opinion, there are many books out there written by and for youth leaders on spiritual formation.  These books have helped me a great deal in my journey and I attempt each week to pass on my experiences to my students through teachings and sharing life together.

However, very little has been written for students on this subject that  was not curriculum based.

Our hope is to provide students with a free downloadable resource written for them and speaking into their context, their issues, and addressing many of their thoughts and questions.

Is this task overwhelming? Yes

Is it feasible? We’ll see!

I truly believe God is behind this vision and project and have confidence that with reflection, prayer, and support, this can become something special for students around the world.

I would like to involve as many of you as possible.  Please post comments and/or email your thoughts to me.

Ideally, it would be great to get perspective from different youth workers from around the globe and be able to produce something that speaks to students across multiple contexts.

I may also contact a few of you directly for specific input.

I have already recruited Jeremy Zach to help in this process.  He is a brilliant thinker, gifted youth pastor out in CA, and a good friend.  You can read his writings by clicking the link below


The process for the God is Loud  project will go as follows:

Each theme/topic will be posted on this blog along with some initial thoughts from myself and Chris.

Please read, analyze, critique, and add additional thoughts, examples, etc in the comments.  Anything used in the book will be given credit to you, so also make sure to provide your information.

Once each section is complete (and subsequently each of the 5 chapters), they too will be posted individually for collective thoughts and revisions.

I hope this can truly be a collaborative effort on our part to provide a resource each one of us will be proud and excited to pass to our students.

It is vital that today’s teenagers understand the mission of God and their role in it.  As they journey through the process of spiritual formation and begin to understand the importance of living into the mission of God, we can see our youth groups, churches, neighborhoods, and the world change.

Thanks for your support everyone.  I am excited to begin this journey and believe this can be the first of many more collaborative efforts of  emerging youth workers from around the world.


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