Ideas? Examples? Stories? God is Loud….

As you know, I have been working on this new book project with Barefoot Ministries for the past few months.  So far, I am very happy with the progress and progression.  Thank you to everyone who has already submitted some writings.

I will continue to post each chapter online in order to get final thoughts and revisions.  What I want to do now is throw out a topic each week for your consideration.  If one of the themes jumps out at you, please consider emailing or posting a comment with your thoughts.  Potentially your ideas could work into the text itself in the main body,  as a foot note, or be included in the student journal.

Topic for the week June 25th: Identity.

Possible sub-topics could include identity theft, self esteem, worth, value, etc….


2 thoughts on “Ideas? Examples? Stories? God is Loud….

  1. It seems like this is all I talk about lately. For about the past three years, I keep trying to turn the conversation to anything else, thinking my group wants to hear anything else, and we keep coming back to it.

    I think it started when I asked them about their facebook pages, especially pictures. Most of their pictures are from trips or events, so I asked them about what their pictures would look like if they took Eph.2:10 seriously. If we are God’s workmanship and he has picture worthy things already planned for us, what would those pictures look like for them.

    No one was able to give vague “glorify God” kind of answers. What came out of that was a deep discipleship that was unique to each person, recognized their diversity, and challenged them to find out who God created them to be.

    No matter what I intend to teach on since then, we always come back to this.

  2. Identity is kind of hard, because I think it is a fairly abstract concept. I prefer to go at identity through the road of calling, so you can read my thoughts about calling on that post. Our calling is something that comes out of our unique identity in Christ, but I think it helps to put legs on identity by talking about it in relation to calling.

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