Topic for the week: Calling

How do you discuss and define Calling to your students?

Share any examples, illustrations, stories, Scriptures you have used.

Is there a difference between calling and purpose?   Calling and Career?

Is Calling something I do or something (someone) that I am?

This is probably something that we as youth leaders need to constantly wrestle with ourselves, and our students need to be thinking along these lines as well.

*Your ideas once submitted and posted may be included (if desired) in the upcoming book God is Loud- spiritual formation for students learning to live in the mission of God.


3 thoughts on “Topic for the week: Calling

  1. I wind up using Eph. 2:10 a lot when talking about this. I believe that we are designed for a purpose, that we are all diverse and unique, and that the closer we can get to that, through our relationship with God, the more fulfilled and at peace we will be. Calling to me is an outpouring of purpose but all comes from what we are created to be.

  2. Calling is something you do, but it is born out of who you are, or, more specifically, who God created you to be. Therefore, calling is rooted in creation, in a God who has created each individual different. He has endowed each of us with certain (spiritual) gifts, unique abilities, interests, social circles, geographic locations, personality traits, innate talents, unique personal history, and interests that help to shape our call. At our church, we talk about how we are called to live out our “call” in four different spheres of life: family/home, work/school, church, and world.

    We’ve found that it helps to divide life up into these categories to give people some concrete environments to begin to think about their unique call. We also do workshops to help people figure this stuff out. And, our associate pastor started an organization about 2 years ago that is devoted to helping people of all ages figure out their call ( I have learned most of what I know about call from my pastors, all the above included. These aren’t my thoughts, but theirs.

  3. For middle-class folk, calling is almost synonymous with career choice. I learned this when our youth were volunteering for a week helping with home repair in impoverished areas. While talking about calling in a group discussion, each youth shared the pressure they feel from parents, teachers, adults, to choose a good career path. Given we were serving others that week, I wanted the youth to understand a life of service as a calling – one infinitely more important than a career choice. I pointed out that calling as a career choice is a luxury (the people we served would take any job they could get, so their calling needed to be more than career). Hopefully this broader understanding of calling helped to take some pressure off the youth who felt burdened by needing to know what career path to follow (at only 15!) already. Plus it demonstrates all the many opportunities to use varying gifts in God’s kingdom quite apart from earning an income.

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