Barefoot comes to the Northeast

This past weekend I had a great opportunity to lead a  special half-day training at  Nyack College from Barefoot Ministries.

5 Dollar training is intended to help unite, encourage, inspire, and equip all types of youth workers.
This training offers affordable and applicable training for everyone
We had over eight different churches from our area in attendance and were able to connect and support each other.  New friendships were formed and some helpful insights and ideas were presented.
Here in the Northeast there is limited resources or training offered for youth workers.  Additionally, it is often a lonely road that is traveled by those in student ministry when most towns may only have one paid youth worker (and many have none)
Any chance we have to simply get together to support, learn, laugh, and encourage one another is great.
Additionally, in my opinion and experience, Barefoot offers really good training and the 5 dollar training content changes each year as culture, society, and youth ministry does as well.
This year’s topics/seminars are:
Small Groups, Big Impact: The Essential Aspects of Effective Small Groups-Being able to imagine a transformational small group and to know the key elements of an effective group facilitator are imperative for youth workers. This seminar will equip you with knowledge of some common challenges for effective small groups and explore key ideas and skills to overcome those challenges. In the end, you should be able to envision an effective small group in your local context.

Evangelism: 10 Considerations for Equipping Students to Share the Gospel Story Effectively

Empowering students to live and share their faith is a high priority for many youth workers. This session will guide you through 10 important concepts to consider in that endeavor. It will allow you to discern key concepts and activities to focus on in youth ministry in order to equip students to share the gospel story.

The Art of Mentoring: Uncovering the Secrets of Reaching, Teaching, and Sending Generation Z

Our current generation of young people needs open and authentic relationships with spiritual guides in order to develop into the people God is calling them to be. In this seminar, the ideas, myths, and role of a mentor will be explored in order to equip youth workers with a strategy to take up the call to be a mentor in their faith community.

In addition to over 3 hours of focused youth ministry training and interaction with other youth workers, for $5 every volunteer and youth worker also receives the following:

  • Outlines and notes for each seminar
  • A Flash drive with all the content from the seminar, including:
    • Seminar Outlines for the three sessions (.doc and .pdf)
    • Seminar Presentation Slides (.ppt, .pdf, .key)
    • Barefoot Catalog with hundreds of resources
    • Free Product from Barefoot Ministries including a 30 day trial to
    • the latest edition of Immerse Journal
    • the latest edition of Credo student interactive journal
    • Just the give-aways alone are worth the $5!
Here are some helpful sites and links for more information on Barefoot Ministries and the training they can provide.

A promotional video with Chris Folmsbee

Here’s a short blurb about Barefoot Ministries:

“Barefoot exists to provide youth workers with effective ministry tools and resources. Our deepest desire is to partner with you in guiding students into spiritual formation for the mission of God.

Through youth ministry training, books, media, curriculum, magazines, web-based resources and a growing number of resources in development, Barefoot is committed to walking along side of you with practical resources and training as you serve the students and families in your church and community.

We understand the value you place on training for your volunteers and parents. We also understand that the current economic times can put a strain on your training budget. For this reason, we are so excited to be able to offer you a day of youth ministry training for $5 a person! Now you can bring your entire ministry team to one of our 12 training locations and take the content of the training home with you to share with your church and community!”


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