clearing up the way

From my previous post, you know we are beginning a new series with our high school group called Clear, based on the book by Chris Folmsbee.

The intent is to help get into focus some theological foundations for faith.  Over the next 8 weeks I intend to sort of journal and chronicle the series and how our students are, or are not tracking with the ideas presented.  I am not attempting to actually write on these topics, nor do I want to provide a review of the content of the book.  For that, you should pick up a copy!

I will simply be sharing what we taught, and why and how we approach each idea/theme.  I also will remain careful not to script what I think a good youth lesson looks like.  The truth is that after 10 years of doing youth lessons, I still have no idea.  It changes a week to week.  There are no formulas to follow.  What we do in NY may very well not work for you.  And that is ok!  I would imagine if you lived here in Westchester country, than perhaps you could follow what we do and your students would be engaged, but then again maybe not.  For each situation we find ourselves in is unique and our students are unique individuals. Each week for me is a journey of discernment:  where my students are and where God is leading.  Depending on the week, who shows up, what mood I am in, etc…, the approach alters.

Again, I will not write so that anyone reading can or should try to replicate. I write more for communal evaluation and personal feedback.

Additionally, as I was processing through this series, strange and distant memories flooded my mind reminding me of a similar series I did when first arriving on the scene at my current church almost nine years ago.  So, I went back to find my notes (etched in pencil and on joke!) and found my lessons.

So I will be comparing and contrasting how, what, and why I taught back then to this time around.  Should be interesting…at least for me!

Week 1: God reflections coming soon….


One thought on “clearing up the way

  1. I’m excited to read the upcoming posts! I am a university student as well as youthmin, so I’ve been really struggling in trying to figure out how to teach theology with the teens in a way that helps them and glorifies God. Can’t wait to hear about this study! Best of luck!

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