new blog post series…Where I am now

Over the next few weeks, I intend to publish a few blog posts on my new church: The American Church in Paris.

As some know, after ten years serving at my church in New York, a very unique opportunity opened for my wife and I to move to France and work with the youth and young adults of this historic, diverse, interdenominational and international faith community located in the heart of Paris.

With this change of position and location bring all sorts of new experiences, thoughts, reflections, and questions.  My daily routines, readings, conversations, and even diet have radically changed.  So to has my approach to youth ministry as I am learning, growing, and being stretched in new and challenging ways. I intend to offer a glimpse into these new discoveries and journeys, but context is necessary first.

As I write about where I am now in a physical, geographically, and cultural place, I hope to share where I am now in a more personal, philosophical, and spiritual state

So…..the plan is to provide a feel for the context I am serving, but as I profess and proclaim…”context is everything”.

merci pour votre soutien
bon courage!


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