Another special announcement…..

It seems just about one year ago I announced my call to move to Paris and serve as Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at The American Church in Paris.

Well…I have another exciting announcement to share…..

I am going to be a father!

I always dreamt of what I would say in sharing this kind of news, and while my mind has been spinning hourly with thoughts, emotions, fears, hopes, and everything in-between, I think I will keep this one to myself for the moment.  I am sure that this journey towards parenthood will change me and how I view the world around me.

The other bit of added anticipation is that we are expecting twins!

A phrase I have learned to say in French over the past few months is “ma femme est enceinte de jumeaux”  (My wife is pregnant with twins)

Of course this means double of everything, including nerves but we are overjoyed with this dream come true.

One comical note about cultural adaptation is that our friends here in France have been asking us if the babies are “faux ou vrai” (fake or true).   This is a great example of words being lost in translation.  What is means is fraternal or identical….which we do not yet know.


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