New Beginnings


On Friday, December 14 2012 at 14:21 and 14:22, my life changed forever.  Blake Charles Haugh and Jack Adams Haugh came into this world.  I will never forget the moment when they arrived and when they took their first breath.  The sentence from Genesis, “and God breathed life into him” took on entirely new significance when I witnessed Jack and then Blake breath on their own for the very first time.  What a precious gift God gave to Lauretta and me right before Christmas.  We have enjoyed every waking moment (and so far most of our moments are “awake”).

The idea that a divine God would take on the frailty, weakness and utter dependence of a newborn infant marvels me.  There is nothing more fragile and helpless than a newborn and that is the profound truth of what occurs on Christmas.  Wrapped up in swaddling clothes, babies are 100% dependent on the care and provision of their parents.  I have never felt such responsibility in my life but also the deepest sense of love.  I never knew how much love I was capable of having.  Perhaps with twins, God has increased my heart even more in order to share the love with both of my sons.

The other night I was watching them sleep and reflecting on how much I love them.  What amazes me is that I love these children before they were even born and when they entered this world, that love increase exponentially.  But….this love is not based on anything they have done for me now or what they may do in the future.  No, this love is unconditionally and solely based on who they are and not what they have done.  They are my children, on loan to Lauretta and me from their Heavenly Parent.

I am beginning to understand more the depth of love that God has for all of God’s children.  This love is not based on what we have done or may do.  In fact it is not based on anything about us at all, but rather on who God is.  Scripture remind us that we were known by God before birth and loved unconditionally by God as sons and daughters.  Just as I am trying my best, with God’s help, to care for my boys well, God watches over and cares for each of us!




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