Have you heard of The Confessions?

No, not Saint Augustine’s Confessions or French philosopher Jean Jacques Roseau’s Confessions (although a highly recommend both reads if one has the time!)

The Confessions is a new band heralding from the City of Light, Paris France.

They also happen to be members of the youth group here at ACP. The choice of band name is a hybrid of sorts from those works previously mentioned.

Part of my vision in coming to do youth ministry in Paris was to not only promote the arts, but to inspire and equip others to create culture.  It has amazed me the breath and depth of talent in this church…in truth found in all students I have encountered.

They have served as inspirations for me.

I suppose there is something in this Parisian air that seems to promote creativity and expression.  It is in the very fabric of this city and my dream is for the same to be true of our youth ministry.

Two Seniors, who are already accomplished musicians, decided to form a band and having begun the process of producing an album.  I applaud the level of creativity and ingenuity they are hoping to achieve (with possibly using a 100 member choir and 116 pipe organ) in the mixing.

Christian deLooper and Danny Herr

Between interviews,  applications and acceptances to Oxford, Cambridge, the Berkley school of music and other universities I do not know what the next year will hold for them or where each one will end up studying, but I do see potential.

Either way, I am proud and excited to see the outcome of their inspiration and aspirations.

You can now download their first EP “Jumping the Wall” on iTunes


You can listen to samples of their early work on their YouTube channel

If you listen and enjoy, please help spread the word and “share” this link with others who may be interested.